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Help and Support for Families with Children

Every child is entitled to a good and happy childhood. The Mannerheim League for Child Welfare works to make this possible together with many other organizations, both public and private.

The Mannerheim League is an NGO and membership is open to everyone. It promotes the wellbeing of children and of families with children, increases respect for childhood and seeks to make it more visible, and sees that children's views are taken into account in public decision-making.

The Mannerheim League is the largest child welfare organization in Finland. It has 92 000 members and 566 local associations throughout the country. The work of these local associations is supported by the League's 10 district organizations.

The Mannerheim League relies on partnerships. It works with numerous organizations, businesses and networks in Finland and abroad. The League's Central Office in Helsinki cooperates closely with ministries, officials and other organizations while the district organizations and local associations operate on the regional level.

The league aims to ensure that

  • children are equal members of society.
  • every child enjoys good and happy surroundings.
  • parenting and education are respected and supported.
  • volunteer work, helping, caring and joint responsibility increase

A healthy, secure childhood

The Mannerheim League supports parenting and links between generations and works to promote health and a good environment for children. It arranges afternoon programmes for school children and educates them about substance abuse. Peer students - older pupils - work to increase the feeling of belonging, congeniality and security at schools.

Families need services

The Mannerheim League produces diverse services; home-help provides families with short-term child-care services and longer-term special services such as home care for disabled and chronically ill children. Telephone counseling provides children, young people and parents with empathy, assistance and advice. Rehabilitation and child welfare services support families in which there are sick or disabled children or mental and social problems.

Local associations are close to people

The League offers families an opportunity to get acquainted and take part in volunteer work, to have a say in public affairs and to participate in a diverse range of activities. Local associations arrange clubs, groups for parents, excursions, training and special events. The associations keep the needs of children and families to the fore and seek to influence local decisions affecting families. Most of the activity of the local associations is based on volunteer work.

A civic organization for the 21st century

Affection, care and wellbeing are the cornerstones of a good childhood. The Mannerheim League is now concentrating on the following challenges:

  • guaranteeing the right of children to childhood.
  • promoting responsible parenting
  • increasing interest in volunteer work
  • developing partnerships across tradition

Become a volunteer!

A support person activity is planned and supervised volunteer activity that is meant to prevent potential problems and bring joy to people’s lives. The coordinators of MLL gives volunteer’s appropriate training and support for their role.

The support persons are ordinary and trustworthy people that give their time and attention to the families and children. The support relationship is meant to be everyday association, activities and sharing.

Family support volunteers are available to families with children. They provide help and support for different aspects of family life, giving advice on parenting and helping parents to cope with everyday life.

Befrienders are reliable adults who provide support to children and young people aged 6–17. Befrienders meet with their friend on a regular basis to spend time together and do activities both enjoy.

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Friend for an Immigrant Mum

Would you like to learn to speak better Finnish?

Would you like to get a Finnish-speaking woman as your friend and spend time with her?

You can get to know a Finnish woman through MLL Pohjanmaan piiri. You can learn the language with her and you can familiarise yourselves with each other's cultures. It is possible to take your children along in the meetings.

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Benita Ruohomäki and Noora Mäkynen in Seinäjoki

Kirsi Frusti in Vaasa

Short term child care services

Find out more about how to order a MLL babysitter from the link below.

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